Classe: Hermes

Category: Carrier

Nation: Great Britain
Statistics: Displacement: 13 000 tons
Length: 182 meters
Speed: 25 knots
12 planes
6 x 5.5'' guns

Additional information on the web : [RoyalNavyWW2]All ships of this class are described in this page
Hermes, I 95

15 janvier 1918Laid down-Great Britain
11 septembre 1919LaunchedGreat Britain, carrier, christened Hermes. Great Britain
19 février 1924Commissioned-Great Britain
3 septembre 1939-The Royal Navy at the start of the war. Channel
7 octobre 1939-Hunting groups against corsairs. South Atlantic
8 juillet 1940-Seizure of the French ships in the English harbors. Great Britain
au début de 1941-Naval operations in the Red Sea. Red Sea
3 avril 1942-Japanese raid in the Indian Ocean. Indian Ocean
9 avril 1942SunkJapanese raid in the Indian Ocean. Indian Ocean

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