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Class: Commandant TesteFrance
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Category: seaplane carrier

Nation: France
Main statistics: Displacement: 11 500 tons
Length: 167 meters
Top speed: 21 knots
26 planes
12 x 100 mm guns

Additional information on the web : [DAubigny]

Commandant Teste, France

May of 1927Laid down-France
April 12, 1929LaunchedFrance, seaplane carrier, named Commandant Teste. France
July 3, 1940Light damagesMers-el-Kebir. transfert France (Vichy). Algeria
November 27, 1942ScuttledScuttling in Toulon. South of France
1942Capturedtransfert Italy. South of France
1943Refloated but not repairableRefloating of the French ships scuttled in Toulon. South of France
September 9, 1943CapturedSurrender of the Italian Fleet. transfert Germany. South of France
April 1, 1944Transferttransfert France (Vichy). South of France
1944Sunk-South of France
May 15, 1950StrickenScrapped. transfert France (Free). South of France

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