What is geneRick ?

geneRick is an attempt to transcript Rick Dangerous (one of the best game ever created) from the Commodore Amiga to the Sega Genesis console.

But be carrefull, we're not talking about a Rick Dangerous emulator (it would be too easy ;), we are planning to fully rewrite the game in ASM.

Our team is composed by two talenteous boys :

- Neozeed : the guy which do all the hard (and boring) work (coding, testing, etc...)
- Franz (me) : I make the levels maps, some behaviours analysis, all graphics reaping and some beta testing.

Why geneRick ?

First, we love Rick Dangerous. This game, of an unique style, is realy original and very addictive (you know when you start, but never when you stop...). It combines perfectly humour, fun, platform and high playability.

It's realy sad that it was never ported on the Genesis and we still wonder why, because the Amiga and the Genesis have a very similar architecture (a motorola 68000 for main CPU).


Why the Genesis ?

We know that the Genesis is an old and dead machine. But we still love it. (argh! nostalgy...)
And with all the Sega Genesis emulators for PC, Mac and even Dreamcast, we will touch more peoples than making a Windows shareware.


How far is the geneRick project ? check out the News page to find out !