GPS Stash Hunting in Belgium

Reuland - The first geocache in Belgium

WARNING: Currently (May 2002) this cache is not available. During maintenance works in the woods the owner found it and - not knowing what it was - he just brought it home. We tried to visit him but he wasn't home. We hope the cache will be back at the same coordinates by mid-June 2002.

Sorry for any inconvenience if you went and hunt for this cache since mid-April 2002.

The first GPS Stash in Belgium was set on June 16, 2000 near Burg-Reuland. That is in the east of Belgium, near the border with Germany and Luxembourg.


Vehicle access is possible (4WD recommended) to about 85 meters. Though it's better to go for it with a mountain bike or by walking. In any case don't forget your mosquito repellent.


IGN 1/25000 Topomaps should be very usefull. Unfortunately the 1/20000 numeric version is not released yet for this area. As the place is on a side of a sheet you will need two: 56/3-4 and 56/7-8. Be aware that  the coordinates on these maps are not WGS84. More details on that on the IGN web site:  in French or in Dutch.


The stash is a 2 liter plastic box, wrapped in a white polyethylene bag. It is not burried: it is under the low branches of a young pine tree. There is a piece of wood on top of it but the white plastic bag is evident.


We took a picture but it may take some time to have it developped and published here...


It was prepared to go in another place, therefore the coordinates written on the log book are not correct; it is not in the Hautes-Fagnes / Höhes-Venn but more in the Eiffel area.


The initial contents: a log book, of course, and some pens and pencils, some orange juice, 4 AA batteries (just in case your GPS has eaten all yours and you need a way to get back home). Sorry, no belgian chocolate in this one.


As the rule says: write in the log book, take something, leave something.


There is also a one-way camera for the hunters to leave a picture of them in the stash. The first one will have to open the sealed wrapping. It will be retrieved in autumn. The photographs could be published here if the hunters wish so. Please leave a comment.


And now for the coordinates: after a 10 minute averaging, the Garmin GPS III Pilot said:

N50°14.023' - E006°06.871' (WGS84)


That position was determined with 8 sats, DOP 1.3 and EPE 5 meters.


Later the same day we went hunting for this stash and we could come within 2 meters with 7 sats, DOP 2.1 and EPE 7 meters.


Late April 2002 after receiving two alarming messages the place was re-visited: the cache was removed. People in Grüfflingen were very friendly and helpull and found the idea funny. Unfortunately the wood's owner wasn't home. We'll try to contact him to get the camera and the log book back. We hope he will agree to set the cache again at the same coordinates.