GPS Stash Hunting in Belgium

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There are currenntly 2 stashes set in Belgium and one in the north of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Reuland (Belgium 1)

The first GPS Stash Hunt in Belgium was set on June 16, 2000.

It is in the east of Belgium, near the border with Germany and Luxembourg.

Coordinates: N5014.023' - E00606.871' (WGS84)


The idea of this one came from the Degree Confluence Project although it is not an "official" point for this project.

This one in south Belgium, not far from France in the Haute Lesse area, an attractive and touristic area with many things to visit and enjoy after finding the stash.

Coordinates: N5000.000' - E00500.000' (WGS84)

Wiltz (Luxembourg 1)

With the same idea of going on integer degree coordinates. This one is   an "official" point of the Degree Confluence Project.

It is not in Belgium but in Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg in a nice hilly area mainly covered by woods. It is not very far of the Belgium 1 stash and these two could easily be hunt for on the same day.

Coordinates: N5000.000' - E00600.000' (WGS84)