GPS Stash Hunting in Belgium

The Wilwerwiltz Geocache

Actually this geocache is not in Belgium but just south of the border in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


The idea of this one comes from the Degree Confluence Project too. It is an "official" point for this project.


It is 27km south-west from the Belgium 1 stash so you could go hunting for both on the same day. You could decide to spend a week-end in this nice green and hilly area [guide - map] to drive and walk around, visiting the small towns Clervaux, Trois-Vierges, Vianden [picture], the Our valley,... [guide]


During the summer season CFL train access to Wilwerwiltz is easy from Luxembourg and from Liège via Trois-Vierges [station info].


The cache is at 6km (as the crow flies) north-east of the Noertrange (ELNT) airfield (formerly Wiltz airfield). Why not to fly there and walk to the geocache?


The 1/20000 topomaps are available in most book shops. The cache is on the sheet 5-Hosingen. Sheets 4-Wiltz and 3-Clervaux might be nice to have too. When the new series (numerical) becomes available the cache will be on the sheet TC3-Wincrange. Be aware that these topomaps refer to the LUREF datum and not WGS84; a simplified conversion formula is available on the ACT web site. The challenging might want to go for it with an antique map ;-)


The cache is located along a dirt trail just half a meter from the side. Several walking or mountain biking tours go along this trail, as well as a Grande Randonnée itinerary.


The stash is a 2 liter plastic box, wrapped in a white/red polyethylene bag. It is so close to the trail that it had to be hidden: it is burried between the brooms and the top is coverd with some flat stones then dried leaves and moss. It is marked in blue letters "Geocache - GPS Stash Hunt" and the coordinates.


We took some pictures of the cache being placed and they will be published here (it may take some time, though...).


The initial contents: a log book and a pencil of course, plus a Casio Euroconverter, some roller pens and orange juice.


As the rule says: take something, leave something, write in the log book..


The coordinates:

N50°00.000' - E006°00.000' (WGS84)


Mid-May 2002 this geocache was re-visited and found in a good shape. The outer plastic bag was replaced.

The vegetation was cut away one year ago and it still is very scarce. So the cache is hidden under small rocks and moss.

When you go and find it please hide it again so it won't be seen by a passer-by.

It is true: the log book is full (what a success!). A new one will be placed mid-June 2002. Meanwhile please write on the back of the pages.