"GONG FRIENDS" , a book with texts by Gilli and 100 photos by Luc Pilmeyer - Tour 2009

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Gong Friends



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A culling of best tracks from the 1980 Australian Mother Gong band mainly

BP 27ICD - available on-line at

Battle of the Birds - see related page

Musically originally recorded by Antony Phillips and Harry Williamson.
with Gilli Smyth and Didier Malherbe

BP359CD - available on-line at

Electric Shiatsu

Dance version of Mother Gong from the 8O's with Tone, Nick Spacetree etc...

VP205CD - available on-line at

Stroking the Tail of the Bird

Recorded in Melbourne in late 8O's with Harry Williamson, Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth
Released at same time as "She Made the World," and Magenta....beautiful ambient sounds.

VP207CD - available on-line at

The Owl in the Tree - see related page

Joint recording by Daevid Allen, with Wandana, Graham Clark, etc in late 8O's,
and Gilli Smyth with the usual l98O's Mother Gong Band

VP278CD - available on-line at

Histories and Mysteries of Planet Gong

Re-mastering and production by Harry and Gilli of a collection of strange and unusual pieces
that originally came out a few years earlier

VP279CD - 2Cds - available on-line at

MOTHER GONG : Tree in Fish - see related page

Originally brought out by Tapestry records in the U.S. and then by Voiceprint.

VP281CD - available on-line at


GONG MATRICES : Parade - see related page

Recorded produced  in San Francisco in the early 9Os with Gong Matrices band
(Pierce McDowell, Aryeh, Stef, James, Gilli)

VP353CD - available on-line at


MOTHER GONG : Glastonbury 1979-1981 - see related page

Mother Gong played the main stage at that Festival those two years
These recorded at the time and remastered three years ago

VP363CD - available on-line at


Short Tales and Tall - Daevid and Gilli - see related page

Recorded by Orlando Allen in Australia withYnys and Jasmin also doing some stories,
mainly Irish traditional stories, with some Irish voices

VP368CD - available on-line at


I am your Egg - Gilli Smyth, Daevid Allen and Orlando Allen - see related page

Collaboration between Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth and Orlando.

VP376CD - available on-line at


MOTHER GONG : 2006 - see related page

Mother Gong playing at 2OO5 Uncon in Glastonbury.
Includes Graham Clark, Didier Malherbe, Orlando Allen, Gilli, Gwyo and Tim Hall.

VP404CD - available on-line at


MOTHER GONG : O Amsterdam - see related page

Mother Gong played at the Uncon in Amsterdam. Same band as "2006"

VP423CD - available on-line at

GILLI : It's all a Dream - see related page

Gilli with some parts with Orlando

GlissCD006 - available on-line at

MOTHER GONG : Live 1991 - see related page

Recorded in USA

VP446CD - available on-line at


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