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Battle of Cape Bon

[Diagram by types of ship]

Start: Friday December 12, 1941 Ending: Saturday December 13, 1941

The Italian 4th Cruiser Division sailed from Palermo at 1800 on December 12th, bound for Tripoli, carrying an urgent supply of fuel for fighters based in Libya. In the meantime, the British 4th Destroyer flotilla was steaming along the African coast, bound for Malta. A plane at 1500 of 12th sighted this formation, but Italian HQ judged that the British would not able to reach Cape Bon before the 4th Cruiser Division was passed. However British HQ, alerted by "Ultra" ordered to destroyer to increase speed to 30 knots in order to intercept the cruisers. while the Italian formation incurred some delay. On December 13th at 03:25 both forces met. Arriving from astern in the dark the British achieved complete surprise, launching torpedoes and opening fire. DI GIUSSANO could only fire three salvoes before she sank.
(Historical research and text by Leonardo Ciaccheri)

Place: TunisiaType: Gun battle

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ForcesStokes (4th Destroyer Flotilla): 4 destroyers.Toscano: 2 light cruisers, 1 destroyer.
Lossesnil. 2 light cruisers lost.

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