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Start: Thursday November 7, 1940 Ending: Thursday November 14, 1940

Shortly after his failure against Dakar, De Gaulle attacked Gabon to rally the Equatorial French Africa to his cause. The colony, held by Vichy loyalists, was poorly defended. The landing in the Bay of Mondah went almost unopposed. The only submarine that tried to oppose it was destroyed the next day while a combat between sister-ship two days later turned in favor of the Free French.

Place: Western Black Africa

Forcesd'Argenlieu (Free French landing convoy to Gabon): 2 avisos, 3 freighters..
One brigade landed.
Morin (Naval forces of Vichy defending Gabon): 1 aviso, 1 submarine.
Losses- 1 aviso, 1 submarine lost.

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