The software is updated on a regular base, so add this link to your favorites and enjoy!

Release 1.1.0 dated 2001 Oct 02 (Initial public release).
Release 1.2.0 dated 2001 Oct 25 (wrote the expose handling).
Release 1.2.1 dated 2001 Oct 26 (shortened line exposure handling).
Release 2.0.0 dated 2001 Nov 06 (Icom CAT mouse support).
Release 3.0.1 dated 2002 Jan 06 (To be used with PREDICT 2.1.5).
Release 3.0.2 dated 2002 Jan 18 (Independent of predict release).
Release 3.0.3 dated 2002 Jan 24 (Some coding & tar is now tar.gz).
Release 3.0.4 dated 2002 Apr 10 (Added a compressed view for all sats).

Description :

  • This program will display the positive elevation of selected satellites for a 24 hour period,
  • or a single satellite positive elevation for a week,
  • or a compressed view of all satellites for a single day.


  • Gtk libraries.
  • An active "predict 1210/udp" service (in /etc/services).
  • PREDICT running in server mode (predict -s).


  • Software

    • The programs are written & tested on a RedHat 7.1 platform
    • and maintained on a RedHat 7.2 platform.

  • My Hardware description

    • Celeron 700 processor PC
    • 17'' monitor
    • 800*600 screen resolution


Q&A and further improvements

  • Name

    Although SYNOP is a very common name, which is used in many domains, it describes perfectly the software's functionality.

  • Timing

    The drawing of a satellite "profile" takes 22 seconds to complete.
    The new predict 2.1.5 offers better performance...

    Waiting for the "expose event" to come may be dependent of the machine's load, should this happen I'll add an option.

    A wait is invoked between each call to the PREDICT server, in case of problems, another solution will be implemented.
    This wait is no more needed with PREDICT 2.1.5.

  • Resolution

    The window is 720 pixels wide to display a 2 minutes interval per pixel.
    The first satellite uses a height of 90 pixels, the following satellites each add 45 pixels to the window height.
    This means 12 satellites can be displayed with a 800*600 screen resolution.

    Compressed view contains all the 24 satellites.

    Please send me your questions and remarks at :

CAT Icom

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