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Interesting links

1. IOMEGA Buz related

Morgan multimedia mjpeg codec :

Download the latest buz drivers (1.3 ! unofficial release)

Buz extensive testing and updates :

See the buz faq for more info @


2. LEGO links

Lego home site :

The Lego mindstorm homepage :

All about Lego sensors and tricks to add more to the RCX :

Lego mindstorm internals : ( a must see for any Lego RCX enthusiast)

Not Quite C  (NQC, a C langage for the lego mindstorm) homepage

The RCX commmand center, (RCXCC) is a "GUI" for  NQC :

LegOs : a firmware replacement for the mindstorm


3. Others Robotic

The miniboard :

The handyboard faq :

The handyboard :


4. Various

Nameck page :


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