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Here you'll find some of my Lego creations with the mindstorm and a lot of other Lego pieces I own or won...

I'm sorry for my bad English... (-:

You are encouraged to mail me if you have any comment or any questions or whatsoever, even if you simply want the nqc sources...


1. The Printer

printerblue.jpg (9610 bytes)


This printer is capable of printing any character from a 26 chars alphabet. It uses standard machine paper and a pen. We 've used 3 motors and no sensors. It's an XYZ table which use only standard mindstom parts, except the third motor and a few others.

The programming tool is (obviously) Not Quite C, the compiled code is approximately 1.5 kb...

To do list : better NQC program, with all the chars, detection of the motor position, improved paper tension system...


Download the NQC sources : printer3.nqc (2kb)

top.jpg (11254 bytes) Simple top view

arty.jpg (13027 bytes) General view, the printer in it's splendor (hum hum)

front.jpg (12451 bytes) The paper output. Note that there is actually tires at both ends to ensure regular paper tension.

output.jpg (7959 bytes)  Top view of the paper output

pendetail.jpg (11433 bytes) The pen system


2. The Real Time Scanner

scanmaintt.jpg (12860 bytes)

July 1999 :" Still in construction, this one will scan pictures in grayscale (and color ?), and will display the result in real-time on the client PC screen, using a custom Delphi tools which will use the spirit.OCX system. This tool will be published as soon as finished, and will  also be useful for other purpose such as  datalog uploading, real-time sensor value (graphical) display... "

September 1999 : It's finished ! ... almost.

scanfront.jpg (20003 bytes)

So, you said real-time ? In fact, this scanner uses NQC on the client RCX, which is IR.-mastered by a Delphi 3.0 soft running on the 'server' PC.

a. The NQC soft is made of some different task, each of them being called by the PC.

b. PC side software does all the decoding stuff, such as adapting the raw value of the sensor to a 16 colors picture, which is then printed in real-time on the screen. By modifying some numbers, you can set white and black levels for a particular picture, and ambient lightning. You simply place the picture under the scanner, press StartScan on the PC, and the picture appear on the screen, pixel by pixel, line by line. The IR. speed limits the resolution, but you can scan at at least 60*60 pixels, with a scanning time of 15 min per picture (woops, very slow, but hey, it's Lego...)

Construction : 2 motors, one light sensor and one switch, using mindstorm parts + some others... See bellow for pictures. I mat post a lcad file, if not too lazy to build it.

To do list : the Delphi soft is buggy, and can only be used with *this* setup... Also no error handling, so if you turn off your RCX, you'll get a system error  <O-:


scan34.jpg (14406 bytes)
The RTS : main view
scandetailwheel.jpg (29516 bytes)
Driving wheels detail
scanmotor.jpg (41482 bytes)
The first motor
scanwheelsjpg.jpg (17474 bytes)
The second motor
capture.jpg (150763 bytes)

The beta versin of the delphi soft : bad look, wrong contrast...

capture2.jpg (175497 bytes)
Screen capture : the beta version

capture3.jpg (19484 bytes)  

The current version, with all settings enabled :

White level,
Black level (= contrast)
x,y steps
bidirectionnal scan
current sensor level display


Download the NQC sources and the Delphi soft (current version) for the real time scanner : (173Kb) (binaries included)



3. What's next ?

I'd like to create a 'fake' picture taker, with the Nipkow disk system, but well, it's not very easy... Have a look at "Nipkow disk page" to learn more.

I'll try to complete the lab challenge I've invented, but it still need lot of work...

I would like to create a pong player, which could make a ball bounce against a wall, and detect where to go to hit the ball again...

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