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The goal

In some pictures
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F-PJSX registered Sirocco, holding registration of the first of the kind.
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150 HP powered Sirocco F-POIL of Patrick Cottereau, seen at the 1999 annual fly-in of the JAF (Jurca Air Force) at Briare (France).
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The same in flight.
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Squadron flight.

3D drawing with paint scheme
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Technical data


Seats: 2
Gear : TD retract
Length : 20.4 ft
Wing Span : 21.5 ft
Wing Area : 107.6 sqft
Empty :1260 lb
Gross :1860 lb
Fuel : 44 gal
Profile : NACA 23012

Performances (a real fighter !) : with 180 HP (220 HP)

Top Speed : 190 mph (200 mph)
75% cruise : 171 mph (180 mph)
Economical cruise : 155 mph (165 mph)
Stall speed : 62 mph
Climb : 1750 fpm (2350 fpm)
Roll rate : 180°/sec.
Ceiling : 16400 ft
TO run : 500 ft
Landing : 1800 ft
Range : 4 hrs.

The designer

Name : Marcel Jurca
Age : experienced
Country : France - Romania
Marcel Jurca standing in front of his other flagship design, the MJ2 Tempete, at the origin of his own formula of sport aircrafts with so peculiar characteristics.
A real "personnage" of aviation, whose meeting is always rich of content.

The player

Name : Albert Orosz
Age : wise
Country : Belgium - Hungary
During the JAF 1999 fly-in, when I first met with Marcel Jurca.

The supporters

Could not think about making the dream come true without full support of my family.
Laurence, my wife, with kids Luca and Kim, looking into colorfoul Sirocco of Vincent Martinez at JAF 1999 fly-in.
Vincent built his Sirocco in 6 years. He also owns a Cassut racer which he constructed after.
. Luca and Kim near an MJ2 Tempete at the RSAB (Belgian RSA) 2000 annual fly-in at Maubeuge (France)

A word also about the Jurca Air Force team, whose enthusiasm and demonstrations definitely convinced me to opt for a Jurca design.
Represented by the Cardichals of the brotherhood: Vincent Martinez and Francis Hendryckx, here with Marcel Jurca at the 1999 fly-in at Briare.
"Cardichal" is a title specific to JAF, contraction of Cardinal and Marechal, both higher ranks of their respective hierarchy, still giving a higher rank.
At the aeronautical level, main activity of the JAF is centered around an aerobatic patrol of 8 Tempete.
Here, one of them : the beautiful MJ2 Tempete of Francis Hendryckx.
Team at the St-Flour (France) fly-in, circling around a Jurca MJ7 Gnatsum (P-51 Mustang replica)

The adventure begins 

It all began by buying a construction license (#119) in September 1999 and received set of plans. What an undertaking it will be : I have everything to learn.
I hope I will be able to fly it within 5 to 7 years, after completing about 5000 hours of work.