Monuments in the Salm River

valley and around.

Village/place Comments Unveiling's dates.
Baraque de Fraiture - 105mm Gun erected by the CRIBA

- Plaque to the 3rd Armored Division.

May 07, 1994

November 18, 2000

Bra-sur-Lienne - Plaque to General Gavin. Chateau de Bra where he had his CP

- Plaque to the 80th Airborne Anti-Aircraft Battalion.

February 17, 2001

February 02, 2002

Cheneux Monument to the 504th PIR ereceted by Emile LACROIX and his  82nd Airborne All American  Jeep Group. September 20, 1984

Monument to company I, 505th PIR erected on Emile           LACROIX's  initiative and his 82nd A/B All American Jeep Group.

February 15, 1992
Goronne -Monument to the 508th PIR (Thier-du- Mont Hill) erected on Emile LACROIX's initiative and his 82nd A/B All American Jeep Group. September 20, 1984
Grand-Halleux - bronze plaque to the 291st Infantry Rgt. affixed to church's wall.

- bronze plaque above the front door of the catholic school (small      reproduction of the church's plaque)

June 21, 1981


Grandmenil Monument to the 75th Infantry Divison and to the 3rd Armored Div. 1994
La Chapelle (Odrimont) Plaque to the 551st PIB
La Gleize - Royal TIGER

- monument to the people who lost their lives in WWII all around the world.


December 1994

Logbiermé Monument to the 517th PRCT September 21, 1984
Malempré Monument to the units who took part to the defense of Malempré      and to the liberation of January 1945. Erected on initiative of Eddy    MONFORT June 10, 1989
Manhay Monument to the 325th Glider Infantry Regiment erected on Emile   LACROIX's initiative and his 82nd A/B All American Jeep Group. September 20, 1984
Neufmoulin Stele to the 291st Engineers Bn erected on Emile LACROIX's         initiative and his 82nd A/B All American Jeep Group. August 03, 1985
Noirefontaine Plaque to the 551st PIB and to the civilians of the area. June 16, 2002
Ottré Plaque to the 83rd I.D  
Poteau Plaque to Sgt van Thine (7th Ard Div.) Poteau Museum  
Rochelinval - Monument to the 551st PIB

- Plaque recalling the Presidential Unit Citation awarded to the 551st  PIB and added to the existing monument.

- Plaque to the Co I, 505th PIR affixed on Orban's house (Co I CP).

- Plaque to William H TUCKER. veteran of the Co I, 505th PIR.

August 20, 1989

February 18, 2001 .........

February 2000

February 2000

Trois-Ponts - Monument to the 505th PIR (opposite the church)

- Bronze plaque to company C of the 51st Engineer Combat Bn.

September 20, 1986

May 15, 1993

Spineux Monument to the 112th Infantry Regiment (28th Infantry Division) and to the 424th Infantry Regiment (106th Infantry Division) September 16, 1989
Saint-Jacques Monument to the 517th PRCT and to the 505th PIR September 20, 1984
Vielsalm - Monument to the 7th Armored Division

- Sherman tank M4A1 with 76mm gun offered by the 7th Amd Div..

May 22, 1965

September 16, 1984

Wanne Stele erected by the 517th PRCT in honor of the Belgian people inaugurated October 07, 1989
Werbomont - Monument to the 82nd Airborne Division.

- 105mm Gun

September 20, 1986

May 28, 2001



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