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Their eye views of the Battle of the Bulge in the Salm Valley area.

 Goronne, Jan.07, 1945. By Col. James J. MEYERS, Company D, 505th P.I.R., 82nd ABn Div.
 Bergeval (Part one), Jan 3-4, 1945 By 1/Sgt Bill BOLIN, Company C, 517th P.R.C.T. 
 Grand-Halleux, Jan.15, 1945 By John GRABER-3rd Platoon, Company I, 291st Rgt, 75th I.D.
 Trois-Ponts, December 21, 1944. By Cpl. Gordon A. WALBERG, Btry A, 80th Anti-aircraft Airborne Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division. 
 Fosse (Trois-Ponts) - Jan. 03, 1945 by Sgt. William H. TUCKER, Co I, 505th, 82nd A/B Div.
 Baraque de Fraiture crossroads by John  SCHAFFNER, Btry B, 589th FAB, 106th I.D. Dec. 44 
Bulge Memories (Part one), by T/Sgt. Chris CHRISTENSEN, Co.G, 505th PIR, 82nd A/B Div. The defense of Grand-Halleux, December 1944.
 Christmas Present 1944 (Poem) by Allan C. BARGER, Co. D, 505th PIR, 82nd A/B Div. A tragic  accident above Trois-Pont on Christmas Day 1944.

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