Atyopsis gabonensis

Family Atyids

Origin: Cameroon, the specimens on this page come from the river Sanaga (near Edea), 60 km from Douala.

Recent Distribution: worldwide for aquaria hobbyists

Commercial Name: Atya gabonensis

Size: up to 15 cm

Adequate Environment: freshwater, with the parameters of its place of origin

Temperature: 20 to 28C

Feeding:  omnivorous, likes to capture food particles with the specialized fans its first pairs of leggs are equipped with.

Utility: esthetic

Particularity:  quite developped, its first pairs of leggs look threatening, but this species is peaceful, almost shy.


The rostrum. The foreleggs, view that enbles to distinguish the shrimp sexual apparatus. The maxilliped (mouthpart).
13 cm specimen. The first pair of leggs. The fans, used to capture food.