Cambarellus montezumae

Familly Cambaridae


Origin: Mexico, Oaxaca region

Recent Distribution: -

Commercial Name: none as it is still rare in shops, should make its way to grand public due to its qualities

Size: up to 6 cm

Adequate Environment: 100 litres aquarium, slightly alcaline pH

Temperature: 18 to 28░C

Feeding:  Omnivorous

Utility: Very decorative

Particularities: this dwarf crayfish is definitely a Must for the aquarium.


Darker before moulting. Natural color.
Close-up of the cephalothorax. Close-up of the abdomen.


Cambarellus do not attack fish and do not damage plants, they are therefore suited for general aquaria.  They do however enjoy hideouts.


Female carrying eggs. 2 months old Juvenile, size = 4 mm.