Neocaridina Sp.II - The Bumblebee shrimp

Family Atyids

Genus Caridina

Origin:  Taiwan

Commercial Name: bee shrimp, bumblebee shrimp

Size: up to 2,5cm

Adequate Environment: -

Temperature: 23-28C

Feeding algivorous

Utility: very pretty, algae eater

Particularity:  looks like a bumblebee, very shy.


Have a good look at the picture centre ... yep, a juvenile, 2 mm long.

This miniature marvel of nature behaviour is similar to Caridina japonica, but it particularly appreciates plants, where it can hide from any indiscrete observer.

The combination of a good thickness of Lemna minor on the surface - which hosts plancton, Vesicularia dubyana (to host the larvae) and algae presents good results.  Inspite of being in a non-specific aquarium (however without fishes), the young bee shrimps are starting to show up, an incredible sight !

Already eating the algae that develop on Microsorum. 3 mm of beauty under Leman minor. Searching food in the substrate.

Unlike Caridina japonica this shrimp takes no interest in the food proposed in pet shops; also the slightest addition of chemicals kills all larvae and eggs.  The aquarium has to be balanced according to Mother Nature's rules, what may be achieved with the solution proposed hereabove.