06/01/2002 - A new file, on Potamonautes orbitospinus.

30/04/2001 - A new link, to Lagostim do Louisiana.

08/04/2001 - The Caridina japonica section has been updated.

02/04/2001 - Three new pics of Neocaridina sp. "Bumblebee", and some thoughts on their reproduction.

24/03/2001 - New pics in the Uca section.

19/03/2001 - Procambarus alleni shows up in the crayfish section !

18/03/2001 - New pics of Neocaridina sp.II.  A new crayfish section is open, Cherax misolicus.

16/03/2001 - New pics of Cambarellus montezumae.

09/03/2001 - A new link, to Marne Campos's site.  The Searchbox has been restored and a little order has been set in the Crayfish section.  Some new info on Atyopsis gabonensis.

26/02/2001 - A new link to Robyn's site(s)

18/02/2001 - A little work on the hp aesthetics, temporary elimination of the search box as it doesn't work properly.

17/02/2001 - A new link, Stéphane's Wequarium, essentially oriented towards European species, data on fish and crayfish and also a few nice surprises.

A little useful data addition in the Procambarus clarkii section as well as in the Caridina japonica section.

17/12/2000 - A new section has been added, the dwarf crayfish Cambarellus montezumae.

10/12/2000 - Start of a Newsgroup

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26/11/2000 - A new link has been added, Planet Crayfish.

13/11/2000 - A new section has been added, the beautiful Procambarus sp. !

11/11/2000 - Two new pics of Procambarus clarkii, one of Neocaridina sp.II and two of Caridina japonica.  Added also a new link, Amsellnet has an excellent section on Artemia (French language only unfortunately).

05/11/2000 - A new link has been added, Crayfish Downunder, a great site !

01/11/2000 - Christian Lukhaup has sent me some superb crayfish pictures, here is a little taste with the new section on Cherax tenuimanus.  In order to facilitate searches, integration of Freefind's search engine.

31/10/2000 - The site has been translated in English.