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Last updated on July 31st, 2004. More recent update at a new location

One more web site about the tanks of World War II ? No, THE web site about the tanks of World War II. Many others exist, some are excellent but have a look at this one, you won't be disappointed

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An advancing bataillon of Tigers in the summer of 1943

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What's new in 2004
It is a modest update. We are working on a CD version of the encyclopedia, which will be much more exhaustive. It already exists in French, but, because of logistical problems, it won't be available in English before next year.
There are some new features on the web site though. We added more than a hundred of new vehicles, most of them armored cars, special tanks and half-tracks. Seeing the overwhelming response to the quizzes, we propose a new one to your shrewdness: can you recognize a tank on a picture ? Yes ? No ? Anyway, have fun with it.

Next update in 2005

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