Encyclopedia of the Tanks of World War II

Updated on August 31st, 2003. Next update in 2004

One more website about the tanks of World War II ? No, THE website about the tanks of World War II. Many others exist, some are excellent but have a look at this one, you won't be disappointed

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What's new ? Guns are new
How many sites are there about tanks ? one hundred, one thousand, more ?
How many about artillery ? None. Sorry, now one.
How does it works ? Just have a look. If you feel comfortable on this site, you'll be comfortable on that one.
You are saying that a website about guns is an update of a tank website ? Yes, what was the main weapon of a tank. Those too are covered by the new website.
Nothing about tanks then ? Oh yes, something: fun. Try the quiz at your level

What's next ?
Planned is a renewal of all our pages about tanks to add the links to their armament. That's the point of the site about artillery. With a simple click you can add to the history and data of the tank the history and data of its guns or machine guns. Also planned, is a new section about armored cars and half-tracks (I know, that's the fourth time I promise it, and the third time that I don't stick to my word, but I am getting closer each time).

Also interested in other aspects of World War II ?
LemaireSoft also covers the warbirds in the skies and the warships on the seas

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