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last update 2006/10/12

This site is dedicated to Orbiter, a free spaceflight simulator by Martin Schweiger. I don't know how to express my gratitude to him. He has done what I was looking for years. I hope this site contribution will be helpful.


Patch for Orbiter 2006-P1, no new feature added, this patch is about the animation problem in spacecraft3 when payload is jettisoned and also the boosters wrong free fall with multistage2.

Spacecraft3 version released ...

Spacecraft3.dll new features:

  • basic virtual cockpit 3D

  • extended aerodynamics parameters

  • landing gear parameters

  • RCS mode / Control Surface mode selection

  • Support for parent-child attachments

  • Support for robotic arm (through animations and attachments)

Multistage2.dll new features:

  • load /save should work now but you must leave Orbiter completely before reloading a scenario

  • particle stream

  • support for Orbitersound version 3.0

  • customize thrust curve of boosters

  • new guidance features

Spacecraft2.dll new features:

  • support for Orbitersound version 3.0

  • animation system rewritten to be more « Orbiter friendly »

  • payloads can be composed of more than one mesh

  • new aerodynamic model (partial)

  • control surface animation